MARVILI devotes to providing the whole set of services from R&D to Education support, we are not only your reliable manufacturer on production, but also help you with brand dream realization. No matter how much you know about the sportswear line, no matter how much you know about business operation, even no matter how much money you have now, we will be your forever partner meeting your demands

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Whether brand owner, wholesaler, distributors, or suppliers specializing in sportswear all can get surprise from MARVILI clothing manufacturer. you can choose products from MARVILI product catalogs of our brand, also custom them with sending your designs to us.
Seamless weave make yoga wear more stretcher, less seam and less rubbing, Keep your body in optimal condition when practicing yoga. Seamless yoga wear has a variety of fashionable designs and styles, being the best choice for yoga lovers.
Compression base layer
Cycling and skiing become a passion for many people, We expect base layers of sports to have freedom of movement and be effective in dispersing moisture, have efficient ventilation, and have above-average comfort. It need to combines professional bionic technology, an ordinary sweatshirt won't do.
The leggings made by the elastic fabrics, kind-skin, soft, smooth, light. It can be added with various functional splicing designs to get personalized demand. This style is both suitable for the gym and the daily .

People keep fit by different sports and wear specific clothes to do sports they want to. What happens when people wear inappropriate sportswear? Such as, when a person is running on a treadmill or doing slow stretching exercises. Wearing the wrong clothes may ruin their whole exercise process because it doesn’t provide enough comfort. They can not get complete satisfaction from exercise if no proper sportswear. So, that’s why people must choose the correct sportswear.


More than 20 years of production experience in the field of sportswear, the products sold in more than 30 countries around the world, we are always committed to providing you with one-stop, customized sportswear solution!