Wayne is a purchasing supervisor of a sportswear company in London, the product line includes men’s and women’s sportswear, swimwear, stylish jogging wear, and hoodies.


He talked about his difficulties when I had the first conversation with him on the website. Sportswear is part of the fast-paced fashion, and it brings considerable negative effects on the environment due to the mass quantities and changing trends. More and more businesses try to transition to be more sustainable, and some are already declaring themselves fully sustainable. In such a situation, Wayne’s company added a new series of ‘sustainable sportswear’.


It is quite important to find durable, sustainable, and better performance sportswear! However, previous suppliers of this company either had no relevant certificates or had no ‘sustainable clothing’ lines or had high MOQ. In the early stages of the series promotion, they needed a specialist supplier who could offer low MOQ to lower costs.



 Therefore, he found us, MARVILI, a professional supplier of sportswear for men and women. To establish trust, we had a video call for an online factory audit. We showed him our ‘GRS’ certificate, stock, and some newly designed samples, and we also introduced the details of factory production. He was satisfied with it and sent me the details of the designs and requested a quote.


After fully considering buyers’ profit margins, and repeated calculating each quote, we provide the most economical procurement solutions. We soon started the first orders and chose the organic and natural fibers with no chemicals needed to produce. Within a week of payment, we gave him samples to check the details, it is acceptable to negotiate and amend if it is unsatisfied. Every step is traceable, from yarn to fabric, dyeing, tailoring and the finished garment. After confirming the samples, the factory quickly started mass production and I updated the process for Wayne.


Also, we always provide fast delivery. Everything seems going well, except for a slight ‘hiccup’. The delivery is delayed due to the covid epidemic. Wayne was worried about it, and I called him to calm down and be patient and that I would find ways to solve it. I kept my attention on the delivery information and did my best to urge the delivery company to dispatch as soon as possible. After a week’s delay, the first batch arrived safely.


Since then, Wayne and we keep a good working relationship. Not only that, but we also share lives, exchange gifts, and become real friends.

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