As A Beginner, How To Choose And Buy Workout Set?
Aug. 26, 2022

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Did you know these yoga set tips?


As a beginner, how to choose and buy workout set?

Firstly, fabric needs to be comfortable and breathable


Yoga is different from running, doing yoga will make you swear less then strenuous exercise. However, the exercising time of doing yoga is usually longer and this makes the taking-sweat ability of the fabric very important. Poor absorbent may cause you catch a cold. In contrast, fabric with good absorbent doesn’t make you feel sticky, it will make you feel comfortable clean and breathable.


Therefore, it is crucial for one to choose runproof fabric. It is inevitable to scrape your suit and pilling is quite annoying. A yoga pants with bad fabric will reduce your desire of exercising. Nobody wants to be poured cold water while practising because of the poor fabric. So it is very crucial to choose a right fabric.


Meanwhile, it is better to choose side stretch fabric, or the pants would get torn. The elasticity of the fabric will affect your exercising experience. Tight pants is not comfortable and adverse to relax.


Some common yoga pants fabric on the market:


-Viscose fibre: a common fibric used on yoga pants. Good elasticity, comfortable, inexpensive, friendly to beginners.

-Terylene: Good elasticity, durable, similar to the fabric used in swimming suit. However, it does not absorb sweat, highly-malleable makes it not fit to exercising.

-Chinlon: Good absorbent, flatter your shape, does not change in shape!

-Spandex: great stretchability, good shape retention and wrinkle-free. It has the best elasticity, good light resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance good dyeability and remains the colour does not fade.


There are also other fabrics, including cotton, linen, polyester fiber, bamboo fiber, Lycra, etc. You can choose the fabric according to your own needs. The higher-priced fabrics usually have better perspiration and ductility.


Some sports fashion brands may produce yoga clothes use the most high-end customized Leica fabrics, along with nylon and pure cotton, make people feel extremely comfortable while wearing the pants.


Secondly, , there must be a scientific, reasonable and thoughtful design.


The shape of the yoga clothes is also crucial, especially the tailoring and cut, which tests the ergonomic experience of the edition designer. A poor tailoring makes the pants does not fit body. The design of the trouser legs is also important, a tight leg will affect the appearance, a loose leg will make the leg back roll, which may affect you mood while exercising.


Thirdly, focus on comfort and adding thoughtful design. The design of yoga clothes should be based on comfort, and some thoughtful small ideas such as small pockets and bows can be adopted while remaining the clean style of the clothes. These designs can meet the demand of the consumers. An over-complicated design will affect wearing experience.


These are some tips from marvilisports’ professional yoga clothing suppliers for yoga clothing selection, we hope these can help entrepreneurs to choose workout set for women.

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