The Colour Of Yoga Pants!
Aug. 26, 2022

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I bet you cannot tell the name of the colour of out yoga pants!


There are thousands of different colour yoga pants


That blue is not just blue, it’s called Deslan, it’s called Kaplan; that yellow is not just yellow, it’s called oil-soluble yellow, it is called lemon yellow…


The product managers have racked their minds to come up with these names, did you get it?


The pants showing in the picture are our latest version!


These are the best pants selling by the retailors of Marvili, who possess integration fabric and garment.

Advantages of our fabric: highly anti-pilling, breathable and comfortable, better fitting. The fabric remains comfortable and soft after micro brushed technique, gently attach your skin! Does not constrain your movement! High-density and dimensionally weaving, makes you enjoy doing sports!


Characteristic of our shape: We have listened the opinions from the market and understand the demand of the buyers. The pants has a thinner arc-shaped waist, makes the pants more close-fit! There is a v-shape design at waist-hip area, which will highlight your curve, makes the pants more stretchable and beautiful.


The side lines of the pants will flatter your shape because it will elongate your legs! There are two pockets allow you to wear it outdoor, it is convenient for putting your mobile phone when running!

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