How To Choose Gym Wear
Sep. 13, 2022

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How To Choose Gym Wear ?



Yoga originated in India and is a movement about achieving the harmony of body, mind, and spirit, including the asana method of adjusting the body, the breathing method of regulating the breath, the meditation method of regulating the mind, etc.


The selection of yoga clothes needs to be considered carefully. The fixative in the low-quality fabric will be decomposed by plenty of sweat produced during exercises, resulting in decolourization, and it might be harmful to health while chemicals penetrate skins through opening pores.


Stretching is a primary component of yoga, thus the ductility of fabrics is particularly important. Mediocre fabrics might lose shape while exercising, and probably cause ‘wardrobe malfunction’ which let you down.


About fabrics


It is important to pay attention to fabrics while selecting yoga clothes. Generally, spandex or polyester fabric is the first choice, due to its environmental-friendly benefit and harmless to humans. Therefore, don’t forget to check the labels and make the right choice. Harmful substances contained in a low-quality fabric will enter our skins through pores when the body sweats, and long-term will bring health hazards.


About elasticity


Check the elasticity is also a key to picking out good-quality yoga clothes. Usually, you can stretch the clothes and release them to test their resilience, and you can also use the tactile effect of hands to feel the elasticity of the fabrics.


About colour


The importance of yoga clothes yoga cannot be ignored, since yoga exercise requires a state of meditation. Dark and bright colours will make people feel excitation, which hard to enter readiness. Therefore, it’s better to pick yoga clothes in light colours.

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