Tips For Workout Leggings Washing
Sep. 06, 2022

Tips For Workout Leggings Washing

  1. Before using the yoga clothes for the first time gently handwash them in water, no detergent is needed. There will be some floating colour after washing dark colour yoga clothes, which belongsto the normal phenomenon.
  2. Be careful not to wear unwashed yoga clothes directly to high-temperatureyoga. Sweating a lotwill decompose the fixative in the clothes and cause fade.  During yoga exercises, the colour of clothes might invade the skin through sweating pores
  3. In usual washing, best to handwash in cold water, water temperature max 30oC. Please wash and dry yoga clothes assoon as possible after heavy sweating.


Tips for Store

When yoga pants are not worn, it is better to fold them in half with a hanger. You can seal them in a sealed bag to keep their shapes and colours, you can also fold them and lay them flat to avoid wrinkling.


Tips for Ironing

Sportswear can be ironed under appropriate temperature, and a thin cotton cloth should be used as a press cloth for ironing.

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