Overview Of Sports Bra Styles
Sep. 09, 2022

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For girls, in addition to a nice body shape, another benefit of exercise is that you have the chance to have all sorts of great sports equipment. Sportswear, sneakers, smartwatches, and other sportswear equipment are also getting more advanced. Besides, a sports bra cannot be ignored!


A sports bra is an undergarment designed to be worn while exercising. It can play a good supporting role on the chest during exercise and has a shock absorption effect.


According to scientific experiments, cup-size A breasts can move up to 40mm during exercise. Wearing ordinary underwear can reduce vibration by 38% and wearing a sports bra can reduce vibration by at least 74%. Professional sports underwear can protect the chest, and the fabric is different from ordinary underwear. Professional sports underwear has functions such as sweat absorption, ventilation, dehumidification, and deodorization. Therefore, it is necessary for every woman to choose a suitable sports bra when exercising!


Shoulder and back designs of sports bras include fixed double shoulder straps, crossed shoulder straps on the back, a V-shaped back design, Y-shaped/T-shaped back design that not only enhances functionality but also benefits outfit matching.


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