Some fabric used on yoga clothes you must know as a yoga beginner!
Sep. 07, 2022

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Some fabric used on yoga clothes you must know as a yoga beginner!

Yoga exercising is particular about stretching movement; therefore, the fabric of yoga clothes is particular about stretchability. Using poor fabric may cause the deformation of the yoga clothes or even accidental expose. These will stop your exercising and affect your mood.


Therefore, it is crucial to understand the fabric and choose the right fabric for you!

-Cotton: comfortable to wear, good stretchability but poor sweat-absorbent, easily become smelly after sweating, and easily get pilling and deform.


-Cotton and linen: breathable but bad ductility, easily get wrinkled, and not convenient for stretching.


-Polyester: ultrathin, doesnot close to the skin, cool but does not absorb sweat. It may get smelly when the temperature is high.


-Polyamide: 75% polyamide and 25% polyurethane is the best mixture. Currently, the most cost-effective yoga pants will use this fabric. Adventures of this fabric are absorbing sweat, shaping your body, anti-pilling and anti-deformation


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